Gym Fitness Adjustable Count Hand Grip Set



Improve your grip strength and exercise neglected muscles and joints with this hand grip set

Perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their hands, wrists, fingers, and forearms, this hand grip set is well-designed and comes with multiple items.

You get a grip ring with medium resistance, a finger force band that improves finger flexibility, and a finger exercise that provides 4 pounds of resistance per finger! This hand grip set is a great option for athletes, pianists, guitarists, climbers, and more, building strength.

It also includes a decompression ball that improves palm grip, works for rehab purposes, and overall doubles as a stress ball.

Ready to get stronger wrists, hands, and a firmer grip? Invest in this hand grip set and place your order directly for healthier, safer joints. It’s a great investment.

Use all the different components from this hand grip set to target different issues  

With five distinct components, this hand grip set is perfect for different forms of rehabilitation and strengthening, giving you maximum functionality. It’s a great investment for musicians, athletes, and even those with weak grip and injuries.

Place an order for this hand grip set to work your hands and develop incredible strength. Get your hands on this must-have set today.


1. Mechanical counting , Do not have to count yourself. Help you focus on exercising.
2. Finger exerciser: provide 4 pounds of resistance for each finger. Ideal for athletes, rock climbers, piano or guitar players to exercise the strength and agility of fingers, wrists, hands and forearms.
3. Grip ring: Grip ring with medium resistance helps strengthen handle and reduce stress.
4. Finger force band: Suitable for fingers of all sizes, enhance strength and flexibility of the fingers.
5. Decompression ball: Enhance palm grip, reduce anxiety, and perform rehabilitation training.


Material: ABS,TPR
Color: BLACK
Item Weight: about 350g
Application: Sport and Recovery
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement
Due to various monitors and lighting conditions, colors may be slightly different from listed photos


1X Hand Grip Strengthener Set

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