RDX APEX Boxing Training Punch Mitts Curved Focus Pads


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Train to give your best performance with the APEX focus pads by RDX. Designed with LumeXTM padding technology to handle intense punching during grueling practice sessions. Super skin engineered leather used on the outer surface makes these pads for boxing wear and tear resistant and helps to retain the original shape. The ergonomic palm dome design with grip ball assists in handling heavy strikes during MMA and boxing training.

Suede leather lining on top of the grip ball corrects the hand positioning and allows a firm grip during focus pad training. Spongy Blacktop Fabric at knuckles creates a comfortable environment for the hand. Compressed EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET in the front and infused shock dispersion sheet at the back provide shock resistance and adequate protection to the palm and hand. Sides covered with SpongeX padding leave no room for hand fatigue and injuries in the RDX focus mitts.

  • LumeXTM Padding – The high-tech LumeXTM padding withstands intense punching and assists in shape retention.
  • Suede Leather Lining – Grip ball lined with suede leather corrects hand positioning and improves the grip.  
  • Compressed EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET – The compressed sheet on the front of the focus gloves protects the palm.  
  • Infused Shock Dispersion Sheet – The sheet on the back and palm side disperses the shock evenly.  
  • Palm Dome – Ergonomic domed palm design allows strong grip during kick boxing, MMA and boxing. 

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