Kyokushin Karate 10 oz. Uniform


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Comfortable, Stretchable, and Incredibly Durable, this Kyokushin karate uniform is a must-have

Whether you need a high-quality uniform for practice, training, or competitions, this Kyokushin karate uniform is a great choice for you. Made of high-quality duck canvas cotton, it’s incredibly stretchable, breathable, and durable, guaranteeing performance and functionality while ensuring a great fit.

It has a traditional cut and design, with a kimono top, belt, and pants. It’s made of a 10 oz heavyweight GI that is available in a range of sizes.

It’s also easy to wash and clean after your heavy-duty sweaty practices, allowing you to use it easily and conveniently.

Our Kyokushin karate uniform is a must-have for practitioners and competitive martial artists of all levels. Choose your size and specifications and place your order through our website,

Wear this Kyokushin karate uniform to competitions, during practice, and in other settings

Move freely, stretch easily, and perform like a beast in this incredible Kyokushin karate uniform. It’s a great investment, thanks to the wonderful material, design, and performance.

This Kyokushin karate uniform is perfect for experienced martial artists, students, and hobbyists, providing them with comfort. Place an order for this uniform and add it to your collection.

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